Sheldon & Michelle @ Goodwood Park

Yours Truly Live Music:

Dawn on vocals

Daniel on guitar

Wah Yong on bass

Kitty as emcee

Compliments from the couple:


Hi Yours Truly,
It’s a pity that we don’t get to see you on our big day, nevertheless, I must really thank your musicians & emcee, Kitty who does a marvellous job in entertaining our guests.
We are so busy running up and down and it’s such a pity that we didn’t really have a chance to sit back and listen to Dawn’s lovely voice and the great music performed by Daniel and Wah Yong. I must say our guests are so impressed with their singing that a few actually came to me to find out more about them!
Kitty does a fabulous job to keep the whole event alive and she is so professional that our friends wonder how we get to know such a “friend” who is so good with her speech without any script haha :-)

Please help us to say a big word of “THANKS!” to Kitty, Dawn, Daniel and Wah Yong as we didn’t have much time to talk to them yesterday. We really hope the hotel’s lunch provided for is to their liking.


Oh ya…. not sure if they did collect the photo printouts before they left?
Thank you!
Sheldon& Michelle

Compliments to Kitty from Sheldon & Michelle:

Hi Kitty!

Thank you so much for the fabulous job done yesterday!

We’re so glad to have you as our emcee :)

Pls help me say thanks to Dawn, Daniel and Wah Yong for their great performance!

We hope to have a chance to meet you guys again!

Thank you Sheldon and Michelle for being so warm and encouraging!

It’s a blessing to be part of your big night!


Yours Truly :)

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