Joseph & Hooi Ling @ Grand Park City Hall

Yours Truly Live Music:Kexin and Leon on vocalsEinein on keyboard

Kexin as emcee

Hi YoursTruly ,

Excellent Job! i think thats the feeling i got after that night’s dinner (before the alcohol kicks in, haha).The guest were happy with your performances and indeed entertained. Although i am not there throughout the whole dinner but i heard pretty positive reviews so far. Awesome.

Kexin, i will need to say a special thank you to you for being such a wonderful host and taking alot of my pressure off me. I remembered that the banquet will start at 7 and we were still going through the flow of events at 630. Your experience really helped me throughout the whole event. I am glad that the event is in your good hands.
Lastly for the band, kudos to all of you and i hope i can recommend you guys to my friends who are getting married soon.
Once again a big thank you to all of you.


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